Colleen Mulvey
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The physicality of my work is in deliberate contrast to the increasingly virtual interactions that permeate my social life. My work celebrates close physical proximity and is, at times, even created by intimate social interaction.

In “Square Dance” I teach people how to square dance atop a paper dance floor. The participants step their shoes in colored chalk and proceed to create a drawing with their dance steps. I taped out areas of the paper in order to create a specific image. Together, with our blue and red footprints, we created an image resembling a 9 foot x 23 foot American Flag.

In my most current body of work, “Urban Mandala”, from which the installation “Circle of Friends” is a part of, I use drawing as a documentation tool. I count my steps and meditate on the physical journey from my front door to several of my close friends’ homes in San Francisco. With gouache on paper, I then re-trace the steps between the two points The drawings are installed up right on the floor in order to better allow the viewer to walk between the two points reflecting the artist’s path.

My work is often at its intellectual core; drawing, with elements of installation and sculpture. It also deconstructs the medium of photography and plays with its’ perception of being a truthful document.